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About D66

D66 Rijswijk — a progressive, social liberal and internationally oriented political party

We have municipal elections in Rijswijk on the 21st of March 2018. Click here if you are looking about information on how to vote in Rijswijk or here if you are interested in our English program.

In 1966, Dutch society was eager for democ­ratis­ation and more participation of citizens. Dis­sident liberals and social­-democrats joined people without a political background to form a new party, Demo­craten ’66. A party that identified the urgency of radical reform and eagerness to change the political system. Today, D66 is a progressive liberal party. Its ideas give testimony to the belief that true liberalism is social, because it strives for the greatest possible future and self-determination for all individuals.

Our priorities

D66 proposes reforms to prepare the Netherlands for the future. We want to do things differently. In the years to come, D66 will focus on five themes: education, employment, housing, sustainability and governance.

  • Education Too much potential goes unused, not just in children but also in adults. Talent should be cherished and stimulated.
  • Employment Too many people are not participating in society. They are either locked in welfare trap or enjoy social benefits to such an extent that it doesn’t pay to go to work. It’s too difficult for ‘outsiders’ to find a job.
  • Housing It is nearly impossible for starters to find a suitable house. To buy a house is simply too expensive and there are too few (affordable) houses for rent.
  • Sustainability We are rapidly depleting our raw materials and development is not sustainable. The earth is getting warmer, our climate is changing and the air we breathe is still polluted.
  • Governance Government has extended its reach to almost every part of society and continues to expand. There are too many rules which restrict entrepreneurship and act as a brake on economic development.

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